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Workforce Training

Girl Security’s Workforce Training Program combines employability skills with transferrable national security competences and key subject matter expertise designed to prepare participants for a rapidly changing workforce environment. Designed and led by national security practitioners and scaffolded for late adolescence (ages 16-20), Girl Security’s training program builds participants’ self-confidence and self-efficacy to advance across security pathways.  This program provides mentoring, a standard of living stipend, and professional advancement support for participating fellows.  In addition, Girl Security’s model is identity-centered, which places value on the individual personal security experiences of every participant. With an emphasis on national security futures, fellows explore the future of global conflict, technology, governance, alliances, and more. 

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Phased E-Mentoring

Girl Security works with mentees 14-26 years of age from around the United States and its territories. We seek to pair women and gender minority national security mentors from all sectors, all levels of experience, and from all around the country with mentees who share a professional interest, identity, and/or set of experiences.  Girl Security’s flagship Mentoring Program provides support for beginner mentees (those exploring security pathways); intermediate mentees (those who seek guidance on relevant opportunities along their educational or training path); and an Accelerator program for career-focused mentees.

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Pathway Advancement

Through professional development events and supportive services, Girl Security works with partners across sectors to create more onramps into national security for underrepresented communities. 

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