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The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative Commits $50,000 to Empower Girls in Tech and National Security

Girl Security announced today $50,000 in funding from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative to expand its support for training future generations of female national security leaders. As gendered national security threats proliferate in the digital space, empowering girls with tech learning and training to both adapt to a changing security environment and advance as future women leaders in national security require critical investment today.

As part of its programming portfolio, Girl Security – a nonpartisan, non-profit organization closing the gender gap in national security – has been empowering girls across the US to adapt to security challenges at the intersection of society, technology, and national security. “Girls are agents of their security every day, online and offline. Challenges in the digital space, like disinformation and election security, provide the unfortunate opportunity to empower girls in national security around issues directly impacting their personal security. In doing so, we mitigate potential impediments to girls’ advancement while also empowering future generations of national security leaders,” said Lauren Bean Buitta, founder and CEO of Girl Security.

This critical support will fund Girl Security efforts to provide diverse populations of female and non-binary populations with accessible learning and training on topics like disinformation, election security, ethical hacking, and artificial intelligence. It will also catalyze new initiatives including a new gaming programming designed by national security practitioners for girls. It will further support Girl Security’s advancement model for individuals interested in national security careers.

“We are excited to support Girl Security’s important work empowering girls in cybersecurity and national security,” said Eli Sugarman, Director of the Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative. “It’s critical that we close the gender gap in these fields and Girl Security is leading the way.”

About Girl Security

Founded in 2016, Girl Security is the only organization closing the gender gap in national security through learning, training, and mentoring support for girls. With partnerships across the nation and globally, Girl Security is preparing the next generation of female national security leaders. Follow Girl Security on Twitter @GirlSecurity_ and Instagram @GirlSecurity_.

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