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Girl Security Wins 3rd Place in First Gula Tech Foundation Competition to Diversify the Cybersecurity Field

Girl Security wins third place in the Gula Tech Foundation’s first competition, securing grand prize of $200,000, for work in empowering Black girls in national security & cyber

March 10, 2021 – Girl Security, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization preparing girls and gender minorities to advance confidently in national security, is thrilled to announce that it won third place in the Gula Tech Foundation’s January 2021 Grant Program, securing $200,000 for the organization’s work in empowering Black girls in cybersecurity. 

“We want to thank the Gula Tech Foundation for recognizing our mission to forge equity in national security and it’s cyber pathways,” said Lauren Buitta, Founder & CEO of Girl Security. “Girl Security centers the lived security experiences of girls from diverse identities and backgrounds across the country at the core of its vision and model. Black girls in our program are calling on society and industry to recognize their unique experiences and needs. This remarkable support will expand the ability of our organization, advisors, and specialists to show up for girls and local partners with whom we work alongside to ensure girls of color can advance in cybersecurity and related careers.”

The Gula Tech Foundation works to amplify the impact of cybersecurity organizations. It operates a million dollar competitive grant process for cyber-centered nonprofits several times a year. Grant winners receive a financial donation and have the opportunity to participate in a marketing program to elevate public awareness of their organization. The foundation’s January 2021 Grant Program focused on nonprofits that worked to increase African American engagement with cybersecurity. 

Girl Security’s equity-informed programming is designed to equip girls and young women with learning developed by women national security practitioners, multi-disciplinary college-to-career training, and mentoring to ensure participants have the social networks to support their advancement. In addition, Girl Security equips participants with professional development and leadership opportunities to further 

“We reviewed over a hundred submissions from impressive nonprofits impacting the cybersecurity industry. So many of the nonprofits that submitted are making a noticeable change in the industry and driving our industry forward,” said Ron & Cyndi Gula, Co-founders of The Gula Tech Foundation. “It was difficult to choose, but the three winners truly exemplify the mission, persistence and vision needed to succeed in this environment.”

“I am excited about this opportunity to invest in our future by ensuring girls of color and, in particular, Black girls, are empowered in cybersecurity,” said Girl Security board member, cyber security attorney and #Sharethemicincyber co-founder Camille Stewart. “The lack of access and exposure to cybersecurity and national security as disciplines early on is extremely limiting for young girls and for our national grand strategy. As Lauren and I said in our article, “Building a more secure nation starts with girls of color,” “[e]mpowering and giving voice to women and girls of color will be essential to reimagining and building a futureproof national security workforce able to confront the ways in which systemic racism impedes our ability to effectively secure our homeland and engage on the world stage.”

Girl Security was one of 11 cybersecurity nonprofits selected from an applicant pool of over 100 as the Gula Tech Foundation’s January Grant Program finalists

About Girl Security: Girl Security is a non-partisan, non-profit organization closing the gender gap through learning, training, and mentoring support for girls. Founded in 2016, Girl Security works with partners across the United States and globally to value girls’ security aptitude and to build future generations of women national security leaders.