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Girl Security releases full National Girl Security Strategy

September 6, 2022 – Girl Security announced today the release of its full National Girl Security Strategy (NGSS), a comprehensive analysis of pressing national security challenges by 51 future national security leaders ages 15 to 20 from across the United States, that now includes Strategic Implementation Plans to move words into action.

The NGSS is inspired by the National Security Strategy, a report published by presidential administrations to communicate national security priorities. As the United States and the national security community weigh how to balance foreign and domestic priorities, the NGSS provides a generational perspective on national security from those new to the national security field as well as those interested in national security-related career paths across government, industry, and the social sectors. 

“The American public, and especially youth, have not yet had the opportunity to be fully informed about the consequential implications of national security decision making,” said Lauren Bean Buitta, Founder & CEO of Girl Security. “Creating space for their understanding, especially for those who have been historically underrepresented from national security, is particularly important today as the nature of national and global security challenges, including technology and climate change, impact every facet of society and every career pathway.” She added: “For too long, we’ve deprived ourselves of the unparalleled benefit of girls’ and women’s perspectives on security.”

The updated NGSS includes Strategic Implementation Plans developed by twenty-five National Security Fellows, who participated in a 15-week learning, training, mentoring, and professional development program with Girl Security this past spring. In addition to its stipended fellowship program, Girl Security offers community-based learning, phased mentoring, and other supportive services.

Incorporated in 2019, Girl Security is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization building equitable pathways in national security for girls, women, and gender minorities. To learn more about Girl Security, visit Follow Girl Security on Twitter @GirlSecurity_ and Instagram @GirlSecurity_