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Craig Newmark Philanthropies commits $100,000 to expand Girl Security’s Impact on National Security

Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the charitable organization led by craigslist founder and philanthropist Craig Newmark, has renewed its support for Girl Security with a $100,000 grant.

This commitment will help expand Girl Security’s transitional high school-to-college fellowship program, which equips girls, women, and gender minorities with cross-cutting learning and training at the intersection of national security and technology, in addition to partnerships with the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. 

In addition, Girl Security will host its inaugural Symposium this fall, which will examine impediments to girls’ and women’s early advancement in national security and identify key interventions, recommendations, and strategies for stakeholders. 

“Our country remains under attack by those who wish us harm, and Americans are fighting back,” Craig Newmark said. “We need everyone who’s capable to pitch in. Girl Security is part of the effort to defend and rebuild our democracy.”

“Developing solutions to pervasive gendered national security challenges while also tackling continued impediments to girls’ and women’s advancement in national security requires robust commitment, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies is leading the way in investing in forward-thinking problem-solving in this and so many other crucial areas,” said Girl Security founder and CEO Lauren Bean Buitta. 

Since 2016, Girl Security has been forging equity in national security by bringing national security learning to communities of girls and women across the United States. In addition, through its Fellows program, Girl Security provides financially-supported, practitioner-designed training that equips high school and college participants with enduring skills for a future workforce shaped by security and technology. Girl Security’s mentoring program is designed to offer the social capital and social networks often required to advance in male-dominated fields. 

About Girl Security: Girl Security is a non-partisan, non-profit organization preparing girls, women, and gender minorities for national security. Incorporated in 2019, Girl Security’s work has impacted more than 10,000 participants through its programming and over 400 girls and women through its mentoring program.

About Craig Newmark Philanthropies: Craig Newmark is a Web pioneer, philanthropist, and leading advocate. Most commonly known for founding the online classified ads service craigslist, Newmark works to support and connect people and drive broad civic engagement. In 2016, he founded Craig Newmark Philanthropies to advance people and grassroots organizations that are “getting stuff done” in areas that include trustworthy journalism & the information ecosystem, voter protection, women in technology, and veterans & military families. At its core, all of Newmark’s philanthropic work helps to strengthen American democracy by supporting the values that the country aspires to – fairness, opportunity, and respect. For more information, please visit: Craig can be found sharing his personal perspective on the issues of the day at @craignewmark.