Girl Security is a nonpartisan, 501c(3) organization that seeks to increase the representation of women in national security by building a pipeline for girls and young women through learning, training, and mentoring support. Engaging girls will be the most important national security advancement of the 21st century.


How We Work



with information

Through specialized programming designed with women national security experts, child and adolescent mental health professionals, and girls, Girl Security explores girls' understanding of personal security and provides an intensive and comprehensive understanding of U.S. national security. Learn more about our programming.




with practical training

As part of the Girl Security program, girls participate in simulation exercises developed by women national security practitioners.  Learn more about the Girl Security simulations.




with Placement

For girls interested in national security careers, Girl Security provides girls with placement in a phased mentorship network that pairs them with a woman national security professional one step ahead of them in their academic and professional advancement. Become a mentor.


Student Quote

"Because of Girl Security, I decided to pursue a career in national security." - High School Student, '18

Parent Quote

"This program gave my daughter a sense of purpose." - Parent, HS Girl, '18


Where We Work


With Schools

Girl Security presents programming in the classroom during the academic year, after school, or as part of summer programming.



With Girls

Girl Security is partnering with organizations that share Girl Security’s mission to empower girls and support girls’ leadership in industries where women remain underrepresented.



In the Community

Girl Security also offers community programming that educates girls and their communities about strategies to strengthen their understanding of national security.